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Escort Service

The many-valued expression “expensive pleasure” is ideally suited to the description of elite escort services. On the one hand, this is a heavenly delight, which gives you communication with the brightest representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, able to surprise, captivate, fall in love and make you make light madness. On the other hand, it is literally an expensive service. Inaccessible to the mere mortal inhabitants of star Olympus descend from heaven, only if you really deserve it and are able to properly assess their divine beauty. Not only to evaluate, but also to pay, because it is not a secret for anyone that the most precious thing in this world is true beauty. Being the best works of nature, elite girls need not only admiration for admiration, but also an expensive frame.

Elite Escort

VIP escort is a great opportunity to satisfy your desires and, if you like, ambitions. Worthy – for decent, the best – for the best. Your image of a successful and respectable man, of course, will strengthen the VIP escort – the presence of a young woman, fatal beauty, sexual beast, a true lady, an athlete with seductive forms or an intellectual with the appearance of Madonna next to you. It all depends on your tastes, preferences and … needs. Convenience services elite escort is that you no longer need to look for a girl to accompany, ideal for visiting the closed social events, and for a distant party on a partner yacht, and for competitions in show jumping, and for the sauna. Although in our model agency Queens Palace there are such universal models.

Asia Escort

Elite escort Asia offers in sufficient quantities. But do you dream of finding the perfect companion and are highly demanding? And this is commendable. We dare to assure you, you can find what you were looking for.

For men only: VIP escort services from Asia by the agency
Beauty in microbikini captivating tanned bodies and transcendent length of legs, you can invite as an escort models in the summer trip to Southeast Asia. Sports and dynamic girl to take a partner in the game of tennis or golf. The top model, whose photos adorn the covers of fashion magazines, is best biased to accompany at social events and events for VIPs. Well, sensual beauty with pronounced sexuality is best to invite for a romantic getaway to your country house or apartment, where you can spend time indulging in unhurried conversations, walks, gastronomic and, if you wish, sexual experiments. Well, a graduate of Sorbonne with two or three European languages, excellent business skills and model external data will become an indispensable assistant in negotiations with foreign partners anywhere in the world wherever you go for business. For all these cases, escort escort is provided in Asia, which is organized for you by Elite Escort Asia.